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(This Course has been completed, please check back to find out if the recording is available or if it will be offered again in the future).

Note: This course can not be included in the MasterClass Option offerred by the ISC since it is co-sponsored

by another instructor/organization


In this 8 Week Intensive Online Workshop Experience you will:


  • Receive a brief history of Instrumental Trans-Communication.

  • Learn to effectively communicate with spirit using multiple techniques & inexpensive tools.

  • Learn to properly protect yourself from different energies. 

  • Learn the psychic methods that bring in the best results.

  • Learn to review and caption responses.

  • Learn to capture spirit photography. 

  • Learn more about telekinesis and astral projection/remote viewing?

  • The science behind the phenomena and how it works.

  • The power and responsibility of doing this work.

  • Receive help in capturing evidence throughout the 8-week course.

  • Learn how to differentiate real evidence from false positives.


This will be accomplished through:


  • Participation in thought-provoking class discussions and Q&A’s.

  • Joining in on powerful guided meditations.

  • Telepathically connect to Spirit guides, Loved ones & Communicators.

  • Experiencing real-time communication through Spirit Boxes, Applications, Recorders, and more.

  • Completing weekly assignments on transcribing audio clips and reviewing visual evidence

Fun Activities Include:


  • Taking photos using a technique called water ITC

  • Interacting with orbs on night vision 

  • Learning how to review visual evidence 

  • Recording brief sessions using radio-based spirit boxes

  • Recording brief responses using the Hope Spirit Box App

  • Learn how to review audio evidence 

  • Learn how to interact with objects using telekinesis 

  • Learn how to use “thought-forms” in spirit communication 

  • Learn how to access the astral realm properly


How to Experience this Class


Students will receive a zoom link upon registering. Students will be encouraged to be present for each class. However, if this is not possible they can listen to the recording (participating as if they were actually in that class). Then they will just want to keep up with the homework assignments each week.

Optional Equipment List:


(Note: we took $ off the original price to account for the fact that students would benefit from this equipment to be used during and after class:


Patreon Group Page 


  • There will be a group page to join upon registration.

  • This will require an additional $3.00 per month fee while the course is being carried out.

  • This is where you will find the class recordings, communicate with your peers and instructors in between classes, and additional resources.

  • We took off some $ from the overall price to account for this.


Contact:  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Debra at or Josh Louis at


Joshua Louis is the author of "Finding Hope in The Afterlife",

and creator of the popular mobile device APP HSB-1,

AKA "the true spirit box".

He is the founder of H.O.P.E. (Helpers of Paranormal Entities).

He is a talented Medium, Clairvoyant and Healer,

and Paranormal Research devoted to working with the

highest sources of love and light.

He specializes in Instrumental Transcommunnications -

the use of technology to communicate with spiritual intelligence.

He bridges the knowledge of past

ITC researchers with present technologies and techniques.

Using a wide array of technological devices combined

with intuitive means, Josh has been able to successfully

reconnect many people with their deceased loved ones.

In addition to his work and research into the afterlife,

Josh is a devoted father and owner of a successful

hookah bar cafe and filmmaker.

Fun Fact: Josh is a graduate of the International

School of Clairvoyance, one of Debra's earlier private students.


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Joshua Louis

Debra Lynne Katz, P.h.D., M.S.W., runs the International School of Clairvoyance. She has been a direct practitioner and teacher of multiple intentional psi modalities for 25 years, including clairvoyant reading and healing, Remote viewing, Mediumship and Dream ESP. She has been an experiencer for a lifetime. She has written 5 books on these topics (including, "You Are Psychic: The Art of Clairvoyant Reading and Healing; Extraordinary Psychic: Proven Techniques to Master Your Natural Abilities; Freeing the Genie Within; The Complete Clairvoyant & Associative Remote Viewing: The Art & Science of Predicting Outcomes for Finances, Sports, Elections and the Lottery. She has also been conducting and publishing formal parapsychological research and has been involved in several practice-based and research-based organizations for several years. She is a former Federal Probation Officer, and T.V. Show host and filmmaker. In recent years, Debra has been devising a method called MTC - Mental trans-communications that involves communicating through telepathy with the same spirits that also communicate through technology. While communicating with deceased loved ones is something she does, she is most interested in communicating with spirit researchers, explorers, and teachers "over there" who are as passionate about reaching the living over here.


Her main website is


Debra Lynne Katz, Ph.D.

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