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Unlock Your Inner Potential - Explore the World of Intuitive Mastery and Energy Healing with Debra Katz

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Providing quality training, services & research in the intuitive & energy healing arts

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Spécialisation dans :   Clairvoyance, vision à distance, médiumnité et guérison énergétique

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Mediumship Program
Remote Viewing
One Year
You Are Clairvoyant!

Clairvoyant Training Programs Level One

May 2024, Sept 2024

Learn how to develop your clairvoyant abilities to levels never imagined! Learn how to read and heal yourself and others in these highly interactive, personalized teleseminar 10-12 week programs.

The door is like a portal for travel. Portal to other dimensions. Surrealistic creative wo

Intensive Mediumship

March 2024, Sept 2024

Continue the journey! Learn additional mediumship reading & healing approaches with ongoing supervised practice. Prepare for professional practice.



Remote Viewing
 Training Program 1 & 2 

 May 2024 & Sept, 2024

Learn a variety of traditional Remote Viewing modalities, using Debra's unique approach, to describe anything in the physical world - find lost objects, describe locations, people, photographs, & have fun!

A compass to your inner intuitive experiences

Clairvoyant Training Programs Level Two

May, 2024, Sept 2024

Continue the journey, depending your practice, learning life path readings, past life, akashic record, mental deprogramming, & much more.

Clairvoyant Training

Clairvoyant Training
Progam Level Three

Jan 2023

Through group & one on one clairvoyant practice, students explore the subconscious, their own creative potential, and deepen their intuitive practice on every level.

Intuitive Development Master Class

One Year Complete
Master's Class

 May 2024, Sept 2024

The Master Class includes all 10 to 12 week classes presently offered through the ISC at a substantial discount, that can be made in small, managable monthly payments and taken at the students own pace.

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and the new one will be launched in Spring/Summer of 2024

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